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Big bug fixing pull

  1. ecsv

I spend the whole day in fixing some of the major texture bugs. The NO_ASM conversion isn't finished yet, but I have to stop for now.

Update: Added fix for Perfect Dark

Update: Add the fixed C implementation of load16bRGBA for Mario/Zelda

Update: Added support for MinGW and OSX

Update: Added some initial work for GlideHQ

Update: Fixed some minor problems related to OSX and view port

Update: Removed some GCC specific code and fix some build problem (png, win32 boost::filesystem)

Update: Add support for m64p_test_rom.v64

Update: Added MSVC10 fixes from DaFox

Update: Inform the user about why the texture cache (.dat) could not be loaded (please ignore HEAD 54577a697e44548cf35cb1ed6c69b76c and fc6d23869cb841efbfc9156658431f72 when merging)

Btw. following files need a copyright header/copyright information before they can be released and redistributed by a distribution:

  • src/Glide64/Help/*
  • src/Glide64/inc/c32.mac
  • src/Glide64/Internalization/*
  • src/Glitch64/*
  • src/GlitchHQ/tc-1.1+/types.h
  • src/Glide64/winlnxdefs.h
  • src/Glide64/GlideExtensions.h
  • src/Glide64/font.h
  • src/Glide64/cursor.h
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