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 This is the development branch intended to bring the final release of Glide64 to Mupen64plus, forked from  This is a work in progress and is currently not expected to be stable or build on every system.
+## Build Instructions ##
+* Run "make" from the top-level directory.  This is a simple convenience makefile to build both Glitch64 and Glide64.
+* Copy Glitch64/ to a new folder in your plugin directory called "lib".
+* Copy Glide64/ to your plugin directory.
+* Copy Glide64/config/Glide64.ini to your data directory.
 ## Current Features ##
 * Basic M64P API support
 * x86_64 support
 *Patches always welcome :-)*
 * Makefile improvements, support for other platforms
+* Statically link projects so plugin is one library
 * Fix x86 (32-bit) support
 * Fix Zelda texture bug
 * Finish no-ASM version