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quick and dirty support for compiling against 2.1.0 video plugin API

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 #define PLUGIN_VERSION           0x016304
 #define VIDEO_PLUGIN_API_VERSION 0x020000
 #define CONFIG_API_VERSION       0x020000
-#define VIDEXT_API_VERSION       0x020000
+#define VIDEXT_API_VERSION       0x020100
 #define VERSION_PRINTF_SPLIT(x) (((x) >> 16) & 0xffff), (((x) >> 8) & 0xff), ((x) & 0xff)
 GFX_INFO gfx;
-void (*render_callback)() = NULL;
+void (*render_callback)(int) = NULL;
 static void (*l_DebugCallback)(void *, int, const char *) = NULL;
 static void *l_DebugCallContext = NULL;
         return M64ERR_SUCCESS;
-    EXPORT void CALL SetRenderingCallback(void (*callback)())
+    EXPORT void CALL SetRenderingCallback(void (*callback)(int))
         render_callback = callback;
 extern rglSettings_t rglSettings;
-extern void (*render_callback)();
+extern void (*render_callback)(int);
 struct rglDepthBuffer_t {
     uint32_t address;


 void rglSwapBuffers()
+	//TODO: if screenshot capabilities are ever implemented, replace the
+	//hard-coded 1 with a value indicating whether the screen has been redrawn
     if (render_callback != NULL)
-        render_callback();
+        render_callback(1);
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