Yii SCM Issues Module

What is it?

This module allows you to set up a page in a restricted area of your web site. On this page users can communicate with you through issues, which are hosted on a GitHub/Bitbucket/(implement your own SCM provider wrapper) repo, associated with your website. It's a more convenient way to handle all feedback in on place.

What it's not?

It's not a feedback form. It's not a complete replace for a GitHub/Bitbucket web UI.


  • Extract modules' contents into /protected/modules directory
  • In config.php add

    'modules' => array(
        // ... some code here ...
        'issues' => array(
            'provider' => 'github', // see models/ScmProvider.php file for custom providers
            'username' => 'your_scm_username',
            'password' => 'your_scm_password',
            'repoSlug' => 'your_scm_repo_slug', //basically a part of your repo's URL which represents repo's name in a URL-friendly format
        // ... some code here ...
  • Proceed to http://your-yii-app/issues

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