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Feed2mb updates a microblog account from a xml feed. It's a free alternative to services like Twitterfeed.

To install feed2mb:

1. install python-twitter:

1. install feedparser:

Install it with: python install or download and instal it with easy-install: easy-instll feed2mb


  • You need to set your feed and your microblog account.
  • You need to create a configuration file. You can see a sample with the command *feed2mbx -p*. It will looks like:
	url =
	username = microblog_user
	password = microblog_password
	mode = title
	interval = 01:00
	items = 1
	shortener =
	service = twitter

The url is the url for the feed that you want to publish, mode can be 'text' (140 chars of your post text) or 'title' (your post title, with a link). The interval is the interval in which the feed2mb will publish your last posts. In the sample, feed2mb will check the provided feed each hour. The shortener will let you choose the shortener service, and the options now are is.hd, and tinyurl. The default will be tinyurl.

The supported services now are twitter and identica.

Run it with the command feed2mb. It will update your microblog with your latest posts, in the interval that you have set.

You can contact me at Have fun!