With this tool you can manage your invoice data, create PDFs from a template and nothing else. There are no unnecessary additional functions and the tool is based on PHP.

This tool actually works, but it's still in production, so there will be updates from time to time.


To use this tool you will need PHP on your server or local machine.


In config.php you can change anything, such as the app name or the default invoice number. Be careful when changing file paths!

Color scheme

If you want to change the base color for the color scheme, go to /css/template.less and change @color_base in line 16 to whatever you want.


Keep your vCard up to date. The data in PDF files is only overwritten if you overwrite the PDF.

Path: $conf['logo']

QR Code

Example usage Include a Link to your personal vCard file (

Path: $conf['qr']

You may generate your own QR Code with Googles API and save it to your server. DomPDF can't load files from external servers, so the file must first be saved on your server.

New Invoice

Hit + Create new invoice to automatically generate a new entry in $conf['json']['data'].

Create PDF

Before you can download your PDF as a file, you have to generate it by hitting Create PDF.

New File path


Update Invoice

Updating your invoice data don't mean you updated your invoice PDF. To do so you have to hit Update PDF.

Overwrite PDF

If you update a PDF, the old one is still available in the same directory. The default PDF wich can be downloaded by hitting the button Download is located at

Backup File path


Upload existing PDF

Just rename your PDF to {Rechnungsnummer}.pdf and upload it to $conf['media']['pdf']/{Rechnungsnummer}/.

Trash and Delete invoice

  1. Your PDF file will never be removed. You have to take care of that yourself.
  2. Trashed items can be restored easily
  3. Deleted items are removed from $conf['json']['data'] and put into $conf['json']['backup']


Use password authentication for this tool. There is no built-in feature. Visit this link to get more information about password protected directories.

Use defined('_WEXEC') or die; on the start of every PHP file you create to ensure they are only executable with include() and require() in your index.php. Visit this page for more information about basically the same principle.

defined('_WEXEC') or die('Restricted access');

Personal Data

Your personal data is yours and nobody wants to know what you do with it anyway. Means that there is no connection to the outside world in this tool.

In case you want to backup your personal data yourself, all your need to backup is this:


and config.php

and /$conf['json']['dir']/

Invoice Tool von Wanja Friedemann Pflüger ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung 4.0 International Lizenz.

Innsbruck (AT), 11.02.2018