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fug is a simple cli webcomic downloader that uses plugins for its functionality. This basically means that you only need to code a plugin to add support for a new webcomic. Once it's done downloading, you can use your favorite image viewer to read offline.

Usage [-h] [--list] [-o [DIRECTORY]] [-v] [-d DUMP_FILE]

a simple webcomic downloader

positional arguments:
  plugin              webcomic plugin to use

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  --list              list available plugins
  -o [DIRECTORY]      output directory (default: ./)
  -v                  turn verbose mode on
  -d DUMP_FILE        dump urls to specified file instead of downloading
  -f FILENAME_FORMAT  override filename format
  -s START_URL        override start url
  -e END_URL          override end url
  -i OFFSET           override offset (default: 1), use with -s and -e to

example usage: fug qc -o images
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