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Issue #65 resolved
Dale Reed created an issue

I built a blank MVC 4 Project, imported the Nuget ElmahR packages, configured the application name/source/url tested locally, then deployed to azure.

The Dashboard initially starts up and tries to execute: GET /elmahr/commands/negotiate?_=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Which gives the following error (I enabled debug on the Azure Site):

The data protection operation was unsuccessful. This may have been caused by not having the user profile loaded for the current thread's user context, which may be the case when the thread is impersonating.

See the attached picture for a screenshot.

The Website runs correctly on IIS and our servers. I'm guessing this has to do with a setting on Azure as some research has shown. Since it works correctly locally, I'm just trying to figure out if there is a away to get it working on Azure.

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  1. Wasp repo owner


    Thx for opening an issue here. Your problem reminds me of something I saw months ago, before building the Nuget packages. To me it looks like something "fuzzy" when you startup SignalR and you customize the DI resolver, as ElmahR does. Based on this, I reviewed the init workflow, and with some twists I was able to follow the hint from the SO answer. I did not push it yet in the repo and on Nuget, but I put a patch for you here. It would be great if you could redeploy your project on Azure replacing ElmahR.Core with the one in the patch. I also put there ElmahR.IoC.NInject, but that's only if you are using that module, do NOT copy that file if you did not add the corresponding Nuget package to your app.

    Please let em know, if it works we would know that it helps and I would try to complete the tests for all the other scenarios and deploy it.



  2. Dale Reed reporter

    I replaced the ElmahR.core in my Dashboard and was able to successfully deploy and send errors to my Azure Website. Thank you for the incredibly fast response and support! I will use this patch for now until an official update is released.

  3. Wasp repo owner

    I'm glad to hear that it helped :) I hope to be able to do all the necessary testing soon, I should be able to deliver the official updates during next week.

    Thank you for your feedback!


  4. Wasp repo owner

    Improved startup workflow to better behave with DependencyResolver structure, now Azure does not complain anymore.

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