The Web Image Browser (WIB) for viewing and annotating high resolution microscopy images over the web. The WIB reads and manages tiled images in a manner similar to Google Maps or similar applications, allowing viewing of images of arbitrarily large size. Because it is specialized for microscopy images, WIB allows users to turn on and off different channels and adjust the contrast without the need to download the data.

WebImageBrowser 3.0.1


  • Eclipse Indigo or later version
  • GWT 2.5 or later version
  • Eclipse GWT plugin
  • Red5 Media Server
  • imake

WIB Client configuration

Edit and update "serviceURLPrefix" to your host name. For example,

public static String serviceURLPrefix = "http://myhost/WebImageBrowser/";

How to compile and deploy the WIB client

After the GWT plugin has been installed, you should see the Google->GWT Compile option by right clicking the WebImageBrowser project in the Eclipse IDE.

After the GWT compiling process is done, it will generate the web content under the "war" folder in your project. Copy everything under the "war" folder to your web context. For example,

Basic testing

1) Loading an image URL:

2) Loading a local image:

3) Loading a zoomify folder:

Install the Image Manager on the server side

Go to image_manager and create the rpm file as the following:

xmkmf -a

mv -f Makefile Makefile.bak

imake -DUseInstalled -I/usr/share/X11/config

After the rpm has been created, then you can use the rpm command to install the Image Manager on the server.