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.. -*- rst -*-

.. Mercurial Kick Start:
.. Copyright 2010 aragost Trifork
.. This software may be used and distributed according to the terms of
.. the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.

.. include:: common-home.rst

Mercurial Kick Start

.. image:: mercurial.png
   :align: right

Welcome to the `aragost Trifork`_ Mercurial Kick Start. We have
prepared several different sets of exercises for you:

`Basic Mercurial`__:
  Install Mercurial and get started right away. We will show you the
  basic commands and show you how to work with others as a team.

  Feature or topic branches are handled using bookmarks in Mercurial.
  Bookmarks gives you a light-weight way to track multiple lines of
  development in your repository.

`Task Based Development`__:
  Building on the previous exercises, we will now show how Mercurial
  lets your organize your tasks using named branches. A release
  manager will then review and merge the tasks.

`Remote Repositories`__:
  A closer look at how you can interact with remote repositories in
  Mercurial. You will see how HTTP and SSH URLs can be used and learn
  how to best cache your credentials for each type of URL.

`Interacting with Subversion`__:
  Mercurial can be used as a client for Subversion. This
  immediately gives you all the benefits of Mercurial: improved
  performance and offline commits.

   Mercurial lets you link other repositories to your repositories,
   which can be useful for e.g. libraries. Both Mercurial and 
   Subversion repositories are supported as  subrepositories.

.. __: basic/
.. __: bookmarks/
.. __: tasks/
.. __: remote/
.. __: hgsubversion/
.. __: subrepositories/

We welcome new contributions, please see the `about page`__ for more

.. __: about/
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