Getting Started ...

You need Python 2.7 (Should work on any version that runs Flask) and pip:

$ cd boog-slayer
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python
* Running on
* Restarting with reloader

Then visit http://localhost:5000 in your browser!

Boog Slayer

Boog Slayer will be a sweet action issue tracking system built in Python.

Why make my own, when there already exists projects like Trac already? Well, Trac makes multi-project support almost impossible. And that's pretty much it.


Where We Are Now

Right now there is currently support for tasks, and edits for said tasks. You can create a task - give it a project, a description, make some comments, and assign it to somebody.

You can edit a task and change fields, which edits will show up on the task.

You can filter by project, status, or task owner. You can manually chain the filters together by adding your own query string.

Currently tasks have four possible statuses: new - these tasks have not been reviewed or had work started open - these tasks have had work done, but they're not currently being worked on in progress - someone is currently working on this task closed - this task is finished. Maybe ;)

2013-01-12 Support for real users has been added. Users can register and log in to the system. This support was added with Flask-Login and Flask-WTForms.

A user can modify their own information on the "My Profile" page (shortcut, <shift+p>)

Known issue: If you modify your Username it won't update the tasks you have assigned to you.

Where We Are Going

Next feature: Real Projects and an Admin interface.

Being able to add projects and users to projects. Maybe some actual "security". Also be able to add/edit existing users.

Next feature: Timesheets, Task Estimates, and Time Spent

Being able to mark how much time was spent on a project. Plus being able to see your own time spent. Maybe toss in super basic EBS at this point.

Next feature: Better looking task entry and display screen, dashboard.


Initially, a task is going to be simple. It will look something like this:

Task ID: 42
Description: Do some cool thing
Project: Boog Slayer
Assigned To: Wayne Werner

Later there will be the ability to add more stuff.