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 like this:
 ![initial commit](images/05-initial-commit.png)
+##Tracking a File
+So, we've got our initial commit. Back to the save game analogy - this would be
+your very first save game, right after you've created your character and
+watched the initial cut scenes. If you were doing this on the demo machine at
+Wal-Mart, it would've reset just before you were able to commit... ah but where
+was I? Ah yes, the initial commit. So the next thing we want to do is go create
+a new file. You can go to Repository > Explore 
+![Repository > Explore](images/06-explore.png)
+And that should bring up Windows Explorer on Windows, or Nautilus or whatever
+you have set up on Linux. I presume it would bring up Finder on Mac. Now you
+can create a new file with whatever your operating system equivalent of 
+`right click > new > text file` is.
+I've named mine `secret plans.txt`. Now when you click the blue refresh button
+in the Workbench:
+![refresh it baby!](images/07-refresh.png)
+You'll find that Mercurial sees your file. You'll see a checkbox, then `?`, the
+filename, and then some information about the file. The `?` is Mercurial's way
+of asking, "What is this file? I've never seen it before!" The astute observer
+will recognize this from earlier when we added `.hgignore`.

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