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single file ctags

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 from pygments.token import Token, Text, STANDARD_TYPES
 from pygments.util import get_bool_opt, get_int_opt, get_list_opt, bytes
+    from ctags import CTags, TagEntry
+except ImportError:
+    pass
 __all__ = ['HtmlFormatter']
         self.prestyles = self._decodeifneeded(options.get('prestyles', ''))
         self.cssfile = self._decodeifneeded(options.get('cssfile', ''))
         self.noclobber_cssfile = get_bool_opt(options, 'noclobber_cssfile', False)
+        self.tagsfile = self._decodeifneeded(options.get('tagsfile', ''))
+        if self.tagsfile:
+            try:
+                self.ct = CTags(self.tagsfile)
+            except NameError:
+                print >> sys.stderr, 'Hey! ctags doesn\'t seem to be installed. Try \'pip install python-ctags\'.'
         linenos = options.get('linenos', False)
         if linenos == 'inline':
         # for <span style=""> lookup only
         getcls = self.ttype2class.get
         c2s = self.class2style
+        tagsfile = self.tagsfile
         escape_table = _escape_html_table
         lspan = ''
             parts = value.translate(escape_table).split('\n')
+            if tagsfile and ttype in Token.Name:
+                filename, lineNumber = self._lookup_ctag(value)
+                if filename:
+                    parts[0] = "<a href=\"#%s-%s\">%s" % (self.lineanchors, lineNumber, parts[0])
+                    parts[-1] = "%s</a>" % parts[-1]
             # for all but the last line
             for part in parts[:-1]:
                 if line:
         if line:
             yield 1, line + (lspan and '</span>') + lsep
+    def _lookup_ctag(self, token):
+        entry = TagEntry()
+        if self.ct.find(entry, token, 0):
+            return entry['file'], entry['lineNumber']
+        else:
+            return None, None
     def _highlight_lines(self, tokensource):
         Highlighted the lines specified in the `hl_lines` option by
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