Add "Show Your Current Location" Button to Map

Issue #102 resolved
Evan Magaliff created an issue

A button on the map to zoom back to your current location after moving around would be very helpful.

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  1. Weston Bustraan repo owner

    In v0.5.8, the is now a little arrow button next to your coordinates in the left panel when you are viewing the local station details. Clicking it should center the map on the location.

    I didn't add the button to the other panel types yet (Station/Object/Weather) because a) you're generally seeing the particular panel because you've clicked on the station on the map and b) you can center on stations by clicking them in the station list.

    You can click on your own station in the station list too, but only after you've sent a beacon. I realized that some people may be operating in receive-only mode and may need the secondary way of centering on their location. Hence the new button.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Evan Magaliff reporter

    Interesting - I was actually thinking more along the lines of a “Show your location” button on the map next to the zoom in/out buttons similar to how phone GPS apps have it.

    Thanks for adding it! Very helpful.

  3. Weston Bustraan repo owner

    iPhone apps generally have less screen real estate so they have to put things on top of the map. In this case, I figured that it made sense to put the button directly next to the location of where you will be taken.

    Also, there is a chance that there may not BE a location. In the absence of a GPS, QTH attempts to use Location Services. If someone has not granted permission to use Location Services, then there won’t be any location to jump to.

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