QTH Crashes When Editing New BT LE GPS Connection

Issue #107 resolved
Evan Magaliff created an issue

After adding a new Bluetooth LE GPS connection from the connection manager window, the device is added. However, when attempting to edit the connection, QTH immediately crashes upon pressing the three dots from the connection window.

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  1. Weston Bustraan repo owner

    Does this happen every time?

    Looking through the crash log, I can’t see any threads related to clicking on the button and it appears that a background rendering thread was the one that crashed. So, I’m wondering if the crash on that other thread just happened to coincide with clicking the button.

  2. Evan Magaliff reporter

    Yes - happens every time I try and edit the connection. I can send a new crash log if needed in case the one I sent was wrong.

  3. Weston Bustraan repo owner

    Yeah, let’s try another crash log and see if that exposes the true problem more. The first crash log says it’s crashing when the map is rendering a dead reckoning line on the map. I can’t figure out how that would be related to pressing the button.

  4. Weston Bustraan repo owner

    The crash should be fixed in v0.5.8. Big Sur introduced a new permission for accessing Bluetooth devices.

    That said, if the connection doesn’t work, you may need to go into System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Bluetooth and add QTH.app as an app that is allowed to use Bluetooth. There doesn’t seem to be an API available to request permission to this, like there are for other system services. If it becomes a problem for people, I might have to devise a dialog box that gives people the instructions on how to do it.

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