Callsign on main windows does not update after changing in preferences

Issue #71 resolved
Paul Vittorino created an issue

With the application started and two different callsigns available (i.e. NOCALL and your personal callsign)

  1. Open Preferences dialogue
  2. Change Callsign
  3. Close Preferences
  4. Observe main window still displays old callsign
  5. Select the list view in the main window
  6. Select the information view in the main window
  7. Observe the callsign is now updated

Comments (3)

  1. Paul Vittorino reporter

    Changing the symbol has an immediate effect on the main window. However it does not force the callsign to update.

  2. Weston Bustraan repo owner
    • Callsign on main windows changes when changed in preferences #71
    • Password field in license file chooser has a much larger margin and now will not let you choose a file without entering a password #70
    • Removed broken link on help file welcome page #72

    → <<cset 79bf36525286>>

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