Stations only transmitting Telemetry not shown

Issue #78 resolved
David Armbruster created an issue

Telemetry packets lack position coordinates (typically all zeros). Since they won’t get mapped it appears they don't trigger a new station to display on the side panel.

A telemetry packet does appear to correctly update the information for a station that’s already shown. Last heard for an existing station will have the time and data of a telemetry packet if it was preceded by a position or status packet at some time.

This should be an unusual occurrence since telemetry is ancillary but some TNCs won’t attempt to beacon position if valid GPS is not available, which could be perhaps due to hardware failure, and that would leave only periodic telemetry.

Since it is a legitimate ham station on the network probably should be aware of it even if it’s not transmitting all the information necessary to be fully active. So I’m not sure if this is really a bug or a proposed enhancement.

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