Metric UOM format for temperatures

Issue #86 resolved
Joerg Schultze-Lutter created an issue

QTH 0.3.0 (build 1)

When viewing Wx/CWOP stations, all temperatures are listed in Fahrenheit:

Additionally, the user cannot even change between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The UOM ‘difference’ is clearly visible on the left hand side (“49 degrees Fahrenheit”) but not for the yellow icon. Interesting enough, the graph on the left hand side DOES specify the temperature as “celsius”.


  1. allow the user to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  2. for the map wx icons, potentially consider about getting rid of the actual values and display e.g. a thermometer as fixed icon instead. A “49 degrees” icon will scare the living hell out of every European as this temperature would be interpreted as VERY hot (> 120 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures.

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  1. Weston Bustraan repo owner

    I didn’t include a unit selector for temperature in QTH because it already exists in System Preferences.

    However, it is certainly a bug that it is displaying in the wrong units. Apparently the particular formatter used in those spots wasn’t picking up the preferred units. It should be fixed in v0.3.1

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