Sending APRS messages to new recipients

Issue #87 resolved
Joerg Schultze-Lutter created an issue

Version 0.3.0 (Build 1)

I have noticed that whenever you want to send a message to a NEW user (that has not been part of your previous user list), sending a message to that user cannot be done straight away as the message input field is not enabled.

How to reproduce:

  • Open the “messages” window
  • Beneath the “Messages” header, add a new call sign to that “to” field which does not yet exist in your list of contacts.
  • Press Return
  • Notice that the “message text” field at the bottom is still disabled
  • now click on any of your existing contacts - and then reselect the contact that you’ve just entered.
  • the “message text” field is now enabled and can be used.

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