SSID is not being sent

Issue #92 resolved created an issue
  1. Set an SSID in both the station preferences and in the advanced tab of an RF connection that can be heard by an I-gate. Use the same SSID in both places.
  2. Turn on the connection and make sure TX is enabled.
  3. Manually send a beacon.
  4. Check for both your callsign and your callsign-SSID. For example, see KI6HQT and KI6HQT-10 (
  5. Notice that the the SSID is missing on
  6. Check the raw packet to confirm that the SSID wasn't sent.
  7. Now set the same SSID for an APRS-IS connection, and enable it with TX on.
  8. Send another beacon.
  9. Check, and you’ll find that the correct callsign-SSID is being sent over APRS-IS, but not RF. Here’s an example packet sent via APRS-IS: 2021-05-10 16:58:18 CDT: KI6HQT-10>APQTH1,TCPIP*,qAC,T2SWEDEN:=3015.37N/09744.60W#/ experimental digipeater
  10. Here’s the packet that was sent via RF: 2021-05-10 16:58:19 CDT: KI6HQT>APQTH1,WIDE2-1,qAO,KA5D-10:=3015.37N/09744.60W#/ experimental digipeater
  11. These two packets were sent by the exact same action of manually clicking the beacon button.

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  1. reporter

    Addendum: I seem to have inexplicably “fixed” this by fiddling with the beacon content--changing the source and position format. I trying to figure out exactly which control it was. However, since SSID isn’t set there, whatever happened really shouldn’t have.

  2. reporter

    Okay, I was wrong about what I fiddled with that caused the correct callsign to be sent. Updated the bug.

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