Scale the packet sent/receive graph down as well as up

Issue #95 resolved created an issue
  1. Wait for 5 or more packets to be received simultaneously. You may need to fake this with debug code--I get them when a bunch of UT APRS systems beacon simultaneously.
  2. Notice that the scrolling graph of sent and received packets rescales to accommodate the large number of packets just received.
  3. Wait for that spike to scroll off the left side of the graph.
  4. Notice that the graph doesn’t scale back down again to fit the lower level of packet activity. It stays at its largest scale. See the attached screenshot:

It’s hard to read the graph at the expanded scale when normally only one or two packets at a time are passing through. It would be nice if it would automatically scale based on the largest number of packets currently on the graph, scaling down again as well as up when needed.

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