Search bar does nothing

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  1. Launch QTH, establish a connection, and wait for any APRS packet to be received. The source doesn't matter.
  2. Go to the search bar and type in the ID that you just received, then hit return.
  3. Notice that nothing happens.
  4. Try entering a location (city name, street address, etc.) and hitting return.
  5. Again, nothing happens.

I expect a search to center whatever it is I just searched for.

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  1. Weston Bustraan repo owner

    For #2, are you entering the callsign as uppercase or lowercase? It looks like I need to add the case insensitive flag to the regex that detects callsigns. It’s habit for me to type callsigns all in uppercase, so I hadn’t run across this issue yet.

    For #4, that’s not a feature that is currently implemented. Per the help file, the search box will currently accept callsigns and coordinates, but not street addresses. However, I will check to see if I can interface with Apple’s APIs and potentially add that as a feature.

  2. reporter

    Ah, yes, I was typing in lowercase. It hadn’t occurred to me that it would be case sensitive.

  3. reporter

    Also, if you don’t add searching for addresses, may I suggest you display a dialog repeating what the help says if the user attempts to search for something that’s not a callsign or coordinates? I think most people will (like me) see a search bar on a map and just assume what it does without checking the help.

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