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Volker Braun
Trac 9918: Triangulate point configurations This patch implements a parent/element pair PointConfiguration/Triangulation. Methods are provided to find a single triangulation as well as to iterate over all triangulations. Some features of this patch require the optional TOPCOM spkg, but the main functionality is implemented in C++/Cython.
Robert Bradshaw
#8456 - lazy import improvements
Marco Streng
Trac 727: conics
Volker Braun
Trac #10094: cython expects --cplus command line option to enable the new language features.
J. H. Palmieri
#10208: Remove "warning: Replacing library search directory..." if it is caused by sym links: call os.path.realpath on each pathname before comparing them.
Nathann Cohen
trac 10043 - Complete rewrite of LP solver interfaces
Leif Leonhardy
#9896 Fix potentially obsolete hard-coded lib dirs in dynamic linker command When building extension modules, at least on MacOS X the *original* Sage library directory is hard-coded into the dynamic linker *command*, which causes trouble since this might be obsolete, but is of course searched *first*. If library search dirs are specified in build_ext.compiler.linker_so, we replace them by the current Sage library directory, $SAGE_ROOT/local/lib, if they don't already matc…
#8677: Race condition when makes directories
Mitesh Patel
#9828: Upgrade to Cython 0.13 * * * [mq]: 8_alpha_fixes.patch * * * [mq]: hudson-results * * * Use bint not bool. * * * Implicit object conversion fix. * * * Small type fixes. * * * Remove some extraneous explicit types. * * * Fix some incorrect import statements. * * * Turn off autodict generation for Cython files. * * * Explicitly type string literals as bytes objects to make Cython happy. * * * Fix for new Cython.
Mitesh Patel
#9395: Update and with new file and directory
#9650: Add support for differential forms
-- Rishikesh
ticket 5396: combining changes to lcalc wrapper
Nathann Cohen
trac 9111 - modular decomposition
David Loeffler
#6449: Additive Abelian groups * * * * * * * * * #6449 - minor fixes after rebasing
Robert Miller
Reverted #8617.
trac 8617 -- Add galrep by Drew Sutherland to Sage
Mike Hansen
#9058 : Add the category of SemiRings with an example : NonNegativeIntegers()
Nathann Cohen
trac #8765 : Huffman encoding
trac #8488 -- Add support for @interact to the Sage library and module for a library of interacts
David Roe
#8218: Fixes the imports throughout the sage library that were broken by moving sage.rings.finite_field* and sage.rings.integer_mod* to sage.rings.finite_rings.
Mike Hansen
Trac #6503: Fix problem with pickling instancemethods.
J. H. Palmieri
trac 6503: remove pyprocessing
Golam Mortuza Hossain
Resolves #6465 and moves symbolic integration into SFunction sub-class
Minh Van Nguyen
#7746: Blum-Goldwasser probabilistic encryption scheme
Vincent Delecroix
#7145: Interval exchange transformation
Mike Hansen
imported patch categories-categories-nt.patch
Robert Bradshaw
Fixes for Cython 0.12.
Add cython include path to include paths.
Fix Debian include directory stuff.
Additional fix for race condition with parallel distutils, see trac #6234.
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