sage-geom /

recursive-include * *.c *.h *.pyx *.pyxe *.pxd *.pxi *.cc *.txt *.tex *.i *.d 00* 
include c_lib c_lib/* c_lib/src/* install sage-push spkg-dist spkg-install spkg-delauto README.txt .hgignore .hg .hg/* bundle export mercurial-howto.txt pull test_changed bundle export mercurial-howto.txt sage/matrix/padics/ .hgtags bundle export mercurial-howto.txt sage/dsage/web/index.html sage/dsage/README.markdown sage/dsage/README.html sage/dsage/web/index.html sage/libs/linbox/matrix_rational_dense_linbox.cpp sage/rings/padics/polynomial/ sage/rings/padics/polynomial/ sage/numerical/ sage/dsage/web/static/*
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