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Project Name: HYLDB -- Hui Yu(Fischer in chinese) L298N Double Board

people: Shuai Gao -- Software Designer and Hardware Driver programmer;YongBao Yang -- Hardware Designer .
人员: 郜帅 -- 软件及硬件驱动设计;杨永保 -- 硬件设计。

-To make a houle solutions to control the Fischer board by computer through Serial port or Bluetooth and realized by python language,
the controler might be a PC or MAC or Linux worksation even a mobile phone runs symbian OS and all are based on the good portability of python.
Which named simuFiser_dashboard a strange name.
- Then the hardware  driver name simuFiser it biuld with a 8051 mcu and some 165 595 stuff ,I choose the STC12C5A60S2 good one I am highly recommand it.
With the driver this mcu simulate perfect to the Fischer board ,the things goes amazeing you can use the io32ns.exe and llwin.exe do every thing you want 
except download the program that might be an impossble misson,OK that the sitiuation now.

-Above all we made an instead of llwin an Fischer board AND the four can exchange free.
-Sorry about my english.

由于完美模拟了慧鱼智能板,你就可以做很多很科幻的事情了,比如你可以直接使用慧鱼的io32ns.exe 和llwin.exe软件来做除了下载程序之外的任何事情。