myswap / 1 / code / App / Lib / Action / TestAction.class.php

Class TestAction extends Action{
	protected $fields = array(
    public function index()
		"alias" => "aaa",
		"swap_id" => "aasssa",
		"content" => "asadasdaa",
		"user_id" => "asadasdaa"
		echo dump($data);
		echo in_array("ss",$this->fields,true);
	    foreach ($data as $key=>$val){
	        	// echo $key;
	        }elseif(C('DB_FIELDTYPE_CHECK') && is_scalar($val)) {
	            // 字段类型检查
	            $fieldType = strtolower($this->fields['_type'][$key]);
	            if(false !== strpos($fieldType,'int')) {
	                $data[$key]   =  intval($val);
	            }elseif(false !== strpos($fieldType,'float') || false !== strpos($fieldType,'double')){
	                $data[$key]   =  floatval($val);
		echo dump($data);
		echo dump(1==0);
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