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wdcms / static / fm / readme.txt

Just a personal freemind flash browser v.0.99

// CHANGES v1.0b

offsetX and offsetY didn't worked with numbers.
new conf attribute cssFile:/css/freemindbrowser.css
new conf attribute baseImagePath: will be added to all the images src's.
	ej: baseImagePath=/images/  src="house.gif" --> /images/house.gif

// CHANGES v1.0a

new button "fit".
Now mouse wheel scale map.

// CHANGES v99

minor modifications plus:

some new atributes:

defaultToolTipWordWrap: max width for tooltips.
offsetX: for the center of the mindmap // admit also "left" and "right"
offsetY: for the center of the mindmap // admit also "top" and "bottom"
scaleTooltips: has been requested, default is true
toolTipsBgColor: bgcolor for tooltips ej;"0xaaeeaa"
now you can use "flashfreemind.css" for tooltips stile:
	p {
	font-family: Arial;
	color: #664400;

max_alpha_buttons: for dynamic view of buttons
min_alpha_buttons: for dynamic view of buttons

buttonsPos: "top" or "bottom"

/////CHANGES v98

added sad icon :(
modiffied some other for better looking
somo suport for freemind 9, for richcontent. It doesn't work very well.

some new options on the html configuration.

	//for hiding the upper options
	// default="false"

	//for hiding shape of the main node
	// default="false"


It does only load jpg's images (limitation of flash7 and olders), in this versi�n, if you have flash8
will load png and gif.

 it will improve with time.
 For the easy of development flashout (http://www.potapenko.com/flashout/) have
 been used with Eclipse.

 - insert in any browser page like in the example.

	All this variables can be added in the script. None of then if needed, they all
	have default values.

	//Where to open a link: 
		fo.addVariable("openUrl", "_self");

	// for changing the WordWrap size
		fo.addVariable("defaultWordWrap","300"); //default 600

	// for changing to old elipseNode edges

	// IF we want to initiate de freemind with al the nodes collapset from this level
	// =default "-1" that means, do nothing

	// Initial mindmap to load
	// default="index.mm"
		fo.addVariable("initLoadFile", "index.mm");

	// To create de main node with a diferent shape.	// default="elipse "
		fo.addVariable("mainNodeShape", "rectangle");

	//set max width of a text node
	// default="600"
		fo.addVariable("defaultWordWrap", "600");

	//width of  snapshots
	// default="600"
		fo.addVariable("ShotsWidth", "600");

	//generate snapshots for all the mindmaps reachable from throught the main mindmap
	// default="false"
		fo.addVariable("genAllShots", "true");

	//for every mindmap loaded start the visualization with all the nodes unfolded
	// default="false"
		fo.addVariable("unfoldAll", "true");

	For iexplorer
	 <param name="FlashVars" value="initLoadFile=index.mm"/>
	For others
	 <embed FlashVars="initLoadFile=index.mm"