FROSCH Conference Management System

The FRee and Open Source Conference Helper

FROSCH was written specifically for Pi and More, but aims to be reusable with moderate efforts.

FROSCH covers the following areas of a conference:

  • Call for Contributions/Papers (finished)
  • Visitor Registration (under development)
  • Helper Registration and Management (planned)

FROSCH is written in Python using the Django framework.

Main Features:

  • Fully translatable and l10nable (currently featuring English and German translations)
  • Call for Contributions:
  • Multiple Conferences with multiple days
  • Multiple configurable types or formats of contributions (e.g., talk, exhibition and workshop)
  • Support for rooms, tracks, contribution languages
  • Automatic opening/closing of the Call for Contributions
  • Visual timetable for easy scheduling
  • Submitters can
    • request assets (e.g., special hardware) for their contribution
    • select configurable tags (e.g., "do not record")
  • Individual lengths can be configured for contribution formats
  • Submission formatting with Markdown
  • Visitor Registration (TBD)

Planned features:

  • Data export to standard conference schedule formats

Features not intended for inclusion at the moment:

  • Paid tickets



Load Sample Data

$ ./manage.py loaddata core/fixtures/example.json
$ ./manage.py loaddata callforcontributions/fixtures/example.json


FROSCH is licensed under the GPL 3.0 (see LICENSE)