Converts Powerpoint slides in PPT format to LibreOffice/OpenOffice slides in ODP format while preserving any LaTeX equations in the slides that have been created with Texpoint. The equations are translated into the TexMaths format.

Note 1: This is early alpha stage. It works somewhat, but I give no guarantees for anything.

Note 2: The converted slides only work with a TexMaths version that is not released yet.


Copy both files to a location that is convenient for you, e.g., /usr/local/bin or ~/bin/. Then run tp2tm slidename.ppt. The output is written to slidename.odp (same directory as original file).


  • Only tested on Linux
  • LibreOffice (conversion works best with latest version 4.2) or OpenOffice (not tested, you will have to change libreoffice to openoffice in tp2tmp manually)
  • Wine (for the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack, which the script will try to download and install into a clean wine environment).
  • Python 2.7