VCWalker recursively checks SVN or GIT repositories for remote and local changes.

By default, VCWalker shows whether remote changes, local (committed) changes, and locally modified or added files are present.

usage: [-h] [--update] [--upgrade] [--ignore-added] [--verbose]
                   [--no-color] [--no-list] [--interactive] [--shell]
                   [--settings-file SETTINGSFILE]
                   [path [path ...]]

Recursively find GIT and SVN repositories in a given path and check if remote
or local files need updates.

positional arguments:
  path                  Paths to search for repositories (Default: Working

optional arguments:
 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 --update, -u          Perform a git pull or svn update if a repository is
                       found to be outdated.
 --upgrade             Perform a svn upgrade if necessary (outdated SVN data
                       format version in repository).
 --ignore-added, -n    Ignore files added in the local file system.
 --verbose, -v         Output all messages about single repositories. Use
                       twice for debug output.
 --no-color            Use no color in logging output.
 --no-list             Don't summarize the results.
 --interactive, -i     Ask for adding/ignoring new files.
 --shell, -s           Launch a shell in every directory that has
                       modified/added files (implies -v).
                       An alternate settings file (default:

VCWalker is BETA. Use at your own risk.