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jQuery Hyphenator Plugin

This plugin integrates the Hyphenator, written for client-side hyphenation of texts on websites. The project itself is located at Google Code and published under the LGPL.

The required patterns are loaded dynamically from Google Code. To increase performance, it is possible to do some optimizations and serve the Patterns by yourself. See for details and the full source code.


Load the files hyphenator.min.js and jquery.hyphenator.min.js in the HTML-head.


$('p, ol, ul').hyphenate();

It's possible to add your own options (see for a list of all allowed options):

$('p').hyphenate({hyphenchar: '|']);

It's recommended that you add the minimized version of this plugin to your website, to reduce loading time. So use the jquery.hyphenator.min.js file.

The language is automatically selected by the hyphenator using the "language" attribute in the HTML-head. The hyphenator supports varoius languages.