cd build/ && cmake .. && make; cd -


Plugin Asus xtion live pro to your computer. Face the asus such that it can look at your face.

cd data/
../build/bin/face_det SingleHead.vtk haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml


PG = Prerna Gera SK = Suren Kumar VD = Vikas Dhiman

  • [X] VD: Prepare repository
  • [X] VD: Prepare head 3D model
  • [X] SK: Check installation of required libraries
    • [X] Tried deva raman's code. Couldn't make it run.
  • [X] PG: affine3d_from_points
    • [X] run SVD
    • [X] Horn's method
  • [X] VD: Input RGB image and Depth image
    • [X] basic version done
    • [X] add mutex to make it thread safe
  • [X] SK: face detection and landmark detection
    • [X] face detection with opencv
    • [X] interface with prerna's code
  • [X] VD: Visualization by rotation and translation.

Sources and credits

Libraries used

  • PCL : point cloud library
  • Eigen : Linear algebra library
  • Face detection and feature extraction: Deva raman's code