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Added gittagstohgtags: read hg-git hg tags

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+# hg-git workaround
+# lookup corresponding .hg rev ids for hg-git mapped revs
+# output suitable for .hgtags or .hg/localtags
+# usage:
+usage() {
+    echo "$0: hg-git tags"
+    echo ""
+    echo "usage: $0 <path>"
+    echo "ex: $0 . >> ./.hg/localtags"
+if [ "$1" == "-h" ]; then
+    usage
+    exit 0
+if [ -d "${repo}/.hg/git" ]; then
+    repodir="${repo}/.hg/git"
+elif [ -d "${repo}/.git" ]; then
+    repodir="${repo}/.git"
+    echo "Repository "${repo}" not specified or not found"
+    exit -1
+for f in `ls "${gittags}"`; do
+    githsh=`cat ${gittags}/${f}`;
+    hghsh=`grep ${githsh} ${repo}/.hg/git-mapfile | cut -f2 -d' '`;
+    echo ${hghsh} ${f};
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