Wes Turner committed 7c784a5

Updated .hgrc: Adding code and wrd workspaces, title option for shell,
Updated .hgrc: adding transplant extension

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 hggit =
-debugshell = ~/src/hg-crew-stable/contrib/
 gpg = 
 eol = 
 largefiles = 
 rebase = 
+transplant =
 #hgattic = ~/.mercurial/hgattic/
 #hgshelve = ~/.mercurial/hgshelve/
 ocean = ssh://hg@hg.ocean/
 moz =
+code = ~/src/
+#code+hg = ssh://hg@code/hg/
+code+git = git+~/src/
+#code+git = git+ssh://git@code/hg/
 server = https://rev.ocean
 editor = gvim -p
 forcerepotab = True
 fullpath = True
+shell = gnome-terminal -t %(reponame)s
 git = yes
 / = ~/src/*
+#/wrd = ~/src/wrd/*
+/wrd = ~/workspace
+/wrd/.ve = ~/workspace/.virtualenvs
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