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Oleg Oshmyan  committed 877ea5c

Fix an out-of-bounds array element access

On my machine, it resulted in file_size being reset to zero, thus the whole AtomicParsley becoming totally unusable.

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 	thisAtom->ancillary_data = 0;
 	//set the next atom number of the PREVIOUS atom (we didn't know there would be one until now); this is our default normal mode
-	parsedAtoms[atom_number-1].NextAtomNumber = atom_number;
+	if (atom_number > 0) {
+		parsedAtoms[atom_number-1].NextAtomNumber = atom_number;
+	}
 	thisAtom->NextAtomNumber=0; //this could be the end... (we just can't quite say until we find another atom)
 	if (strncmp(Astring, "mdat", 4) == 0) {