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Issue #28 resolved

Fails to build with newest automake

Josh Cheshire
created an issue

See here for details and patch: https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/pull/13034

Currently fails to build on Lion and Mountain Lion.

Comments (6)

  1. dinkypumpkin

    With this patch in place, is there a chance you'd bump the version for AP? I'm thinking of Homebrew here. Anyone who does a new install of AP via Homebrew is likely to pull in the new version of automake that caused this problem, so the installation will fail with an ugly error message. They can of course install with --HEAD as a workaround, but they won't necessarily know that, and they shouldn't really need to. Bumping the version would be cleaner than adding a patch to the Homebrew formula, and probably easier to get past the Homebrew gatekeepers. The alternative would be to make it a HEAD-only formula, but that seems unnecessary. I'll follow your lead here, but I'd like to get some sort of fix into the Homebrew formula as soon as is practical. Thanks.

  2. dinkypumpkin

    Thanks for that. One more thing I forgot to ask: Would you also tag that changeset as 0.9.5? Tags are used to define the download target (i.e., as in repo downloads page) in the Homebrew installation formula. It isn't absolutely strictly necessary, but the alternative is that users would need to install Mercurial, which most probably don't want or need. Thanks again.

  3. dinkypumpkin

    On second thought: You'll presumably want to tag the release anyway, but I've decided to change how the Homebrew installation formula works. I've pointed it at a static download of v0.9.5 from my fork. I had forgotten that the checksums on tarballs generated dynamically by downloading via tags will occasionally change, presumably due to some backend changes in Bitbucket. That upsets Homebrew, and a static download should prevent that from happening.

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