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Issue #30 resolved
Greg Ogonowski created an issue

I think I may have discovered a bug in AtomicParsley relating to displaying pinf atoms with the -T option.

I have discovered that some, not all, iTMS .m4a files contain a sbtd atom adjacent to the pinf atom. I believe the presence of this atom is preventing the pinf atom from displaying using: AtomicParsley File.m4a -T The sbtd atom displays as ~ unknown atom, and the pinf atom is not listed.

This is the normal location of the pinf atom: moov.trak.mdia.minf.stbl.stsd.mp4a.pinf

Specifying --DeepScan does not help: AtomicParsley File.m4a --DeepScan -T 1

An important detail in determining the problem is that specifying: AtomicParsley File.m4a --DeepScan --manualAtomRemove moov.trak.mdia.minf.stbl.stsd.mp4a.pinf --freefree 0 -W Successfully removes the pinf atom in files with AND without the sbtd atom, but it is the --freefree option that actually removes the pinf atom in the file containing the sbtd atom. The sbtd atom remains in the file. This should be a clue as to why the pinf atom in files containing a sbtd atom do not display in the atom tree.

Is the pinf atom display annomoly a bug or something support needs to be specifically added for?

Please let me know if you need more information about this.

Thanks. -greg.

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    Thanks Wez! -greg.

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