APar_readX_noseek read failed

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Darren Blackley
created an issue

Hello I have been testing AP and have found that regularly i find titles that are failing to be read with AP, however i can view the same title with other tools such as MetaX (that i use as a checker).

The error reported from AP is: APar_readX_noseek read failed, expect 12, got 8: No error

I get this error when i use the command argument of "-t" "--metaDump"

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  1. Oleg Oshmyan

    That sounds like just a bit too old to contain the fix. Try the newest file from https://bitbucket.org/jonhedgerows/atomicparsley/downloads. It’s still officially 0.9.4 but it’s a newer build that includes the fix to issue #7.

    In general, before filing a bug report you should always make sure you are using the latest version available in the source code repository, particularly if your issue sounds like one that is marked as resolved in the bug tracker. If there isn’t a binary file available, you should compile a build yourself. Thanks!

  2. Darren Blackley reporter

    Hi Oleg,

    Thanks for the information - i have downloaded that later build and done some random tests - seems to be working correctly without error. Thanks very much :-)

  3. Darren Blackley reporter

    I did attempt to do a compile with MinGW, however not being a programmer and have never used mingw before was having problems with it... the information in you link whilst helpful, was not enough for me to successfully build it either. I downloaded all requirements unpacked to C:\ and attempted the compile commands - was unsuccessful - couldn't find things etc...

  4. Darren Blackley reporter

    Hi Oleg,

    Just found another file that is showing the error - so the build has not resolved the issue.

    AtomicParsley.exe "N:\Kids\TV Series\Star Wars, The Clone Wars\Season 5\Star Wars The Clone Wars - S05E01 - Revival.m4v" -T

    APar_readX_noseek read failed, expect 12, got 8: No error

  5. Oleg Oshmyan

    Uh, this may sound stupid, but I think you are accidentally using the old build for that file. It would be easiest to just delete all copies of AtomicParsley you currently have and re-download the newest file from the link I gave earlier.

    Why do I think so? If you look at the last part of the error message, it doesn’t seem to make much sense. This is because the relevant error reporting routine used to print an error explanation that literally was unrelated to the ‘APar_readX_noseek read failed’ error. So when I fixed bug #7, besides making AP never expect 12 bytes, I made it give one of these four explanations for the error:

    • ‘error and end of file’
    • ‘end of file’
    • ‘error’
    • ‘neither error nor end of file’

    You are seeing a different message (one typical for the old, broken behaviour), so I conclude you must still be using an older build.

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