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Strange file name "test.m4b" with Audiobook feature

Frank Kang
created an issue

Dear all,

I generated the audiobook file like this:

AtomicParsley 4.m4a --album "test" --stik "Audiobook",

Got 4-temp-76746.m4b and i can add it to iTunes' Audiobooks library.

But if i rename 4-temp-76746.m4b to test.m4b, i cannot add it to iTunes' Audiobooks library any more. It will show Media Kind "Podcast" instead of "Audiobook" in Get Info.

I don't understand what's wrong.

I have tried Audiobook Builder(Mac), and no such issue.

iTunes 11.3 Mac

AtomicParsley version: 0.9.6 (utf8) in debin 7.6

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  1. Frank Kang reporter

    It's not bug for AtomicParsley. I find out the reason.

    There is one string "Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/Podcasts/test/test.m4b" in the file ".//iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml", so I cannot add test.m4b into Audiobooks library again.

    Sorry for bothering.

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