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Issues removing 'pinf' atom

Anonymous created an issue

If I add the following:

'--DeepScan', '', '--manualAtomRemove', 'moov.trak.mdia.minf.stbl.stsd.mp4a.pinf'

to the command line, I get a file that has that atom removed and will play in iTunes. However, it will not play on my iPhone when sync'd. Does AP need to be updated to properly support this 'pinf' atom?


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  1. SteelPangolin

    I ran into a similar issue when trying to get iTunes Plus ("Purchased AAC audio file" in iTunes) tracks to play on my Xbox 360 and ended up writing my own MPEG-4 parser to remove the 'pinf' atom and its children and adjust the 'stco' chunk offsets afterwards. Once it's removed, iTunes identifies modified files as regular "AAC audio files" and the 360 will play them.

    Given that the 'pinf' atom is part of iTunes Music Store DRM, maybe you have to remove all other iTMS-related atoms as well to avoid confusing the iPhone.

  2. Oleg Oshmyan

    If you’re still with us…

    I’m not sure your issues are related. SteelPangolin, was your problem that the atom was not being removed? Can you try the newest version of AtomicParsley (with my latest changes)? Make sure you specify --DeepScan on the command line just after the input file name.

    Anonymous, it doesn’t seem that your problem is actually caused by AtomicParsley. You’re saying the atom was removed, so AP did its job. The file played in iTunes, so it’s reasonable to assume AP didn’t break it. As SteelPangolin says, maybe your iPhone simply got confused by a strange combination of atoms related to the iTunes Store.

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