Basic Instructions

If you are building from source you will need autoconf & automake (you will definitely need make):

  % ./
  % ./configure
  % make

Use the program in situ or place it somewhere in your $PATH by using:

  % sudo make install


zlib - used to compress ID3 frames & expand already compressed frames available from

For Mac OS X users:

The default is to build a universal binary.

switching between a universal build and a platform dependent build should be accompanied by a "make maintainter-clean" and a ./configure between builds.

To not build a Mac OS X universal binary:

  % make maintainer-clean
  % ./configure --disable-universal
  % make

For Windows users:

AtomicParsley builds under cygwin and/or mingw using the same procedure as above.

Foosatraz built in Windows 8 using MinGW.

MinGW-get version 0.6.2-beta-20131004-1

mingw-libz version 1.2.8-1 from MinGW Installation Manager

  % ./
  % ./configure --prefix=/mingw
  % make LDFLAGS=-static
  % strip AtomicParsley.exe

Full details pdf

To build with MSVC, you will need to create your own project file; look at the list of source files in; you need to add all of the source files except the .mm files. You will also need to provide your own zlib.

If you don't want to build it yourself, Jon Hedgrows' fork maintains pre-built Windows binaries of the Wez fork: Windows Downloads