Fix for Issue #32, iTunes 11 Movies stik value, and Issue #23

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  1. Paul Foose

I created a fix for your Issue #32, iTunes 11 Movies stik value.

I went ahead and left the "Short Film" value in there, in case people have been using it as a work-around. I verified that for all code that accesses stikArray[] , it starts at item 0 and increments. This way, looking for value 9, or matching a value against 9 will return the iTunes 11 version, but if you specify "Short Film", it will resolve to a value of 9.

I also added a fix for Issue #23. I looked at output for an iTunes download, and it shows us-tv|TV-Y|100.

Comments (6)

  1. Wez Furlong repo owner

    Thanks for digging in! This looks good, just have one question about keeping Movie in the stik array to avoid breaking software that depend(s|ed) upon it

  2. Paul Foose author

    Bitbucket was failing when I tried to strip commits. So, I made a new branch from your current default, made all my changes in one commit, tagged in the second, and submitted a new Pull Request.