Mail Checker extension for Safari
by Wez Furlong

This is an extension for Safari 5 and later that periodically checks for mail
in one or more of the following webmail accessible email accounts:

 * GMail
 * Google Apps for your Domain
 * Zimbra

When you have unread mail, the toolbar button will be displayed with a badge
that shows the total amount of unread mail across your email accounts.

Clicking on the toolbar button will cause the inbox screen for each of your
email accounts to be activated or opened in the browser.

The extension doesn't store your login details; it relies on you logging in
to your mail accounts using your browser in the usual way.


By default, your gmail mail will be checked and displayed, provided that
you are logged into your gmail account.

 * Note: in some circumstances, Safari will not notify Mail Checker when its
   preferences have changed.  You may need to toggle the "Enable Mail Checker"
   text box for them to fully take effect.

If you have a Google Apps account, open the Safari preferences screen, go to
the Extensions tab and locate the Mail Checker extension preferences.

In the text box labelled "Google Apps Domain", enter your email domain.
This is just the domain, without any protocol specifier: "".
Once filled in

If you have a Zimbra mail account, locate the Mail Checker extension
preferences as above.  Mail Checker needs two pieces of information to interact
with the REST API in your Zimbra instance:

 * Webmail URL: that you use to access your webmail (
 * Email address: your zimbra username or email address


If you'd like to tinker, the latest version of the code is available
on bitbucket:

  hg clone

You will need a Safari developer certificate to install your modified version
of the extension.