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Wez Furlong
it can be useful to capture the full output in the cases where the digest check fails.
Wez Furlong
Wire up a precommit log message validation API. You may choose to invoke it thus: {{{ $ ./bin/mtrack-api -s ssh://code@W.local POST '/commithook/precommit' -d '{"commitMessage":"hello refs #123 (spent 1)","repo":"default/wiki"}' }}} If you get a 200, all is good, otherwise: {{{ $ ./bin/mtrack-api -s ssh://code@W.local POST '/commithook/precommit' -d '{"commitMessage":"hello refs #1","repo":"default/wiki"}' {"code":500,"status":"error","messa…
Wez Furlong
add api-over-ssh capability, and an example client for that. This will be used to empower client-side pre-commit hooks