Welcome to the High-Level Virtual Machine (HLVM) project. This open source project is designed to provide a virtual machine to support modern statically-typed functional programming languages easily and with performance characteristics ideally suited to scientific computing.

HLVM currently sports the following features:

. Unit, bool, int and float primitive types.
. Tuples.
. Arrays.
. Union types.
. Function pointers.
. Tail call elimination of all tail calls.
. Generic printing.
. Foreign function interface to call C directly.
. POSIX threads.
. Mark and sweep garbage collector that allows threads to run in parallel.
. Incremental JIT compilation to high-performance native code suitable for a REPL.

HLVM aspires to provide the following features in the future:

. Closures.
. Parametric polymorphism.
. Global variables.
. Generic comparison, equality, hashing and serialization functions.
. A standard library.

-- Jon Harrop <jon@ffconsultancy.com>