Latest features

  • Diff improvements

    You can now ignore whitespace or set your custom tab size via a URL parameter

  • Meet the fluid-width Bitbucket

    Now with sidebar navigation and fluid-width you can see all your code, PRs, and repo actions.

  • SourceTree for Windows 1.5

    Our free Git & Mercurial client for Windows now includes the much anticipated interactive rebase and subtree support.

  • Git the whole picture in JIRA

    Keep team leads, project managers and product owners informed about development progress taking place in Bitbucket with the new JIRA development panel. The new development panel for JIRA is available today for Atlassian OnDemand customers. For JIRA download users, you can freely get the JIRA DVCS Connector via the Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Add images to everything

    We've made it easier than ever to add an image to your pull requests, issues, and comments. Just drag any image to the text box or click the image icon to upload the image directly to Bitbucket. Share a screen shot of a bug in action, or just let the image do the talking for your code reviews.

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