Latest features

  • Improved User Profiles

    At a glance you can now see a more detailed list of repositories for a user, with the most recently active repositories displayed at the top.

    You can also see the teams a developer is a member of.

  • Feature branches just got better

    With the new “Feature branches” commit listing, you can now see branched commits that are ahead of your main branch.

  • Welcome to a brand new Bitbucket

    We've rethought the website from the ground up and Bitbucket is faster, easier and more beautiful than ever.

    Every page has been optimized for speed and clarity.

  • In-line Code Commenting, Pull Request Approvals

    Collaborating is even easier with line-by-line commenting on source code in Pull Requests and Changesets.

    And your collaborates can approve PRs or changesets when they're ready to merge.

  • Deployment Keys

    Deployment keys allow you to clone or pull source from a Git or Hg repository over SSH using Git and Hg.

    Keys are read-only, per-repository and a great way to integrate Bitbucket repositories with other services around the web.

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