Latest features

  • Smart commits for JIRA

    Smart commits let you take action on JIRA issues as easily as you type a commit message.

    Simply enter the issue key and a JIRA action such as closing an issue. Bitbucket takes care of the rest.

  • Teams for Bitbucket

    It's dead simple to create a shared account to consolidate your team-owned repositories and organize your group's work.

    Create team-owned repos that everyone can access. Delegate administration to manage members and repositories.

  • Auto-closing Branches for Pull Requests

    Keep your repo clean!

    Whenever you accept a Pull Request, Bitbucket can automatically close your branch.

  • Pull Requests across Branches

    You can create Pull Requests across two branches as well as two forks of a repository.

    Pull requests between branches is a perfect way to conduct code reviews when working a team.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keep your hands on the keyboard.

    Bitbucket has a powerful complement of keyboard shortcuts to put important actions at your fingertips.

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