Latest features

  • Teams for Bitbucket

    It's dead simple to create a shared account to consolidate your team-owned repositories and organize your group's work.

    Create team-owned repos that everyone can access. Delegate administration to manage members and repositories.

  • Auto-closing Branches for Pull Requests

    Keep your repo clean!

    Whenever you accept a Pull Request, Bitbucket can automatically close your branch.

  • Pull Requests across Branches

    You can create Pull Requests across two branches as well as two forks of a repository.

    Pull requests between branches is a perfect way to conduct code reviews when working a team.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keep your hands on the keyboard.

    Bitbucket has a powerful complement of keyboard shortcuts to put important actions at your fingertips.

  • Side-by-side Diffs

    With both versions of the file shown in full with synchronized scrolling, Bitbucket helps you more quickly grok what has changed, making code review and collaboration that much easier.

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