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Add acks and fix versionadded.

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 * Kirk McDonald -- D lexer
 * Stephen McKamey -- Duel/JBST lexer
 * Lukas Meuser -- BBCode formatter, Lua lexer
+* Michael Mior -- Awk lexer
 * Paulo Moura -- Logtalk lexer
 * Ana Nelson -- Ragel, ANTLR, R console lexers
 * Nam T. Nguyen -- Monokai style
 - Lexers added:
+  * Awk
   * Fancy (#633)


 class FancyLexer(RegexLexer):
     Pygments Lexer For `Fancy <>`_.
     class-based, concurrent general-purpose programming language
     running on Rubinius, the Ruby VM.
-    **New in Pygments 1.5**
+    *New in Pygments 1.5.*
     name = 'Fancy'
     filenames = ['*.fy', '*.fancypack']


 class AwkLexer(RegexLexer):
     For Awk scripts.
+    *New in Pygments 1.5.*
     name = 'Awk'
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