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 Statusbar for spectrwm
-specbar.py is a small library to use with the spectrwm window manager.
+specbar.py is a small library to use with the spectrwm_ window manager.
 It has some builtin info functions and is easy extensible using the
 Python decorator syntax.
+.. _spectrwm: http://www.spectrwm.org
+The simplest way to install specbar is to use pip::
+    pip install specbar
+Another way is to download the source and copy specbar.py somewhere in
     # Extending with own info function
 In the source distribution an example.py file is included which shows
 the usage of specbar.py.
+Integration with spectrwm
+Create your own script or edit example.py to your needs, put it somewhere
+on your PATH, make it executable (chmod +x) and add it to ~/.spectrwm.conf
+as your bar_action.
+Specbar is mainly written for spectrwm on
+`Arch Linux <https://www.archlinux.org>`_ where Python 3 is the
+standard Python. I think it can be used with any other window manager which
+reads from stdin and with any other (posix) os which has Python 3 available.